Assured AccessTM

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If you currently have group health benefits through your employer

Assured AccessTM is designed to work with your group health benefit plan. It provides you with future access to a personal health plan based on your present health.

As we age our health often deteriorates, making it difficult to be approved for the health care coverage we may need later in life. Once qualifying medically for Assured Access, you and your family are entitled to an Options Plus plan – without additional medical questions – if you ever lose your group health benefits. Options Plus provides comprehensive coverage that includes hospital, travel, extended health and extensive drug benefits.

While protecting your insurability, Assured Access also provides additional security with a $10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit for each participant covered under your plan. This AD&D benefit ends at age 65.

When children are no longer eligible for group health benefits as dependents under your group plan, they can enrol in their own Medavie Blue Cross personal health plan without undergoing additional medical underwriting.

To be eligible for this product, you must apply and be approved for coverage prior to age 65 and be enrolled in a group health benefits* plan at the time of application (and have had group coverage for the past 12 consecutive months). Assured Access coverage can continue beyond age 65.

If you have any questions about Assured Access or Options Plus, or would like an application form, please call us toll free at 1-866-492-2583 or use our Sales Directory to contact an authorized Medavie Blue Cross agent or sales professional in your area.

Eligibility requirements apply.
*Group Health Benefits – an employer sponsored health benefit plan consisting of three or more employees.

Click on the following link to view an online presentation for more information about Individual Assured AccessOn-Line Presentation


Monthly Assured Access Selling Rates (Health and Prescription Drugs)
Effective November 1st, 2012


Member with one dependent 
Member with two or more dependents
16-44 $17.41
$17.41 $26.12 $31.10
$19.90 $28.60 $33.59
$22.39 $22.39 $31.10 $36.06

  • The member is the oldest person covered under the plan. The age of the member is used to determine the rates.
  • Dependents include the spouse/cohabitant and dependent children of the member.
  • The Assured Access and Options Plus rates are reviewed and increased periodically. When activating the Options Plus plan, you will be subject to the rates in effect at the time of activation.
  • Applicants must meet medical underwriting standards at time of application.
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